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Behaviour Management Programmes for Early Years and Nurseries 

Our behaviour management programmes have been developed from the original copyrighted and trademarked programme ‘Assertive Discipline; Positive Behaviour Management’ which originated in the USA. Behaviour & Learning Management is licensed by the authors to develop and adapt programmes for the UK and European market and to train others to use and lead those programmes. Our repertoire of training includes programmes for parents, early years and nurseries, primary and secondary schools, further education and special needs. 

Our emphasis within our training approach is on the teaching of behaviour. We believe that children of all ages need to be taught the behaviours required in order to succeed at home, in social groups and in school, and this applies to all ages and developmental levels.  Frequently we find that children are disadvantaged because this teaching is not taking place and children are therefore set up to fail rather than succeed. 

Our programmes have the same components so that the structure is recognisable whether focusing on toddlers or teenagers. However the detail of each component is tailored to the target age and developmental stage. We work on three key areas: 

1)       Communication – we teach adults how to communicate effectively with children regardless of the age group or setting.

2)       Behavioural expectations – we need to define and teach children what will work and what won’t work in this setting and to develop a ‘behaviour curriculum’ 

3)       Teaching and coaching behaviour – we need effective strategies for teaching children how to get it right and for letting them know when they are succeeding. We teach these components as practical skills so that those being trained have something to work with immediately. We also have a large range of resources tailored for each programme to back up training. These include textbooks, workbooks videos, DVDs, and training manuals. 

Our training structure operates in two different ways: 

1)       We train groups or individuals who want to use a specific programme themselves. For example we may train all staff in one nursery so that they have a consistent approach to behaviour within their setting. 

2)       We train others to lead a programme. For example we might train a group of Health Visitors to lead parent workshops in our ‘Coping With Kids’ parent programme, or a group of teachers to lead the school in developing Assertive Discipline.

This Leader Training approach is usually a two day programme and participants receive a Leader Certificate of Registration with Behaviour & Learning Management in their particular programme. Our Registered Leaders receive follow up from us as needed when implementing their programme and are able to purchase resources from us at discounted prices. 

As a company we are happy to work co-operatively with other organisations. Our licensing arrangements with the USA and copyright of our programmes means that we need to retain an overview of training in order to maintain quality control. However our programmes have developed successfully through working collaboratively with others and receiving feedback about new materials.  We are aware that there is a growing need for nursery groups and those working with early years to teach behaviour because increasing numbers of children are arriving in pre school or school settings without the skills they need to succeed.

We are able to work directly with staff within a nursery or similar setting to skill them in the techniques. Additionally we are happy to provide a train the trainers programme for your organisation so that key staff can lead colleagues in these programmes.


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