Here you will find articles we have written about our strategies that you may copy and download for your own use or for distribution within your own school or organisation. However when doing so, please ensure that you quote us as the source. For nearly 20 years our little business has been developing, testing out and writing up our programmes – only to see most of them subsequently copied and claimed by others!

Please use this section of our web site as a resource bank of ‘CPD’ type materials on a range of topics – so do return again to see what is new.

The Social Mediation of Classroom Behaviour” – a paper given by Dr Geoff Moss at the International Conference on Neuroplasticity and Brain Modification in Jerusalem, Israel, June 2013. This is the latest description of our approach to behaviour education, and shows how teachers need to address emotional and cognitive features as they teach better behaviour to their students.

World’s Apart” – Why are schools facing quite different behavioural challenges than in the past? What can we do in response? This article develops the concept of ‘Social Mediation’ as a more realistic approach to dealing with today’s challenges. This article was originally published by Geoff Moss as “Social Mediation, cultural disruption and disruptive children” in Managing Schools Today March 2005.

The Better Behaviour Guide” – Read the introductory chapter to this e-book, setting out the context of behaviour policy and practice in today’s schools. The complete e-book is available to schools in one convenient CD that contains all the chapters and checklists in two useful formats – in html for instant download onto your school’s intranet and in pdf for you to select any elements to print out for staff.

Distributed Leadership & Seagull Management” – by Geoff Moss & Elizabeth Floyer – Are you dumped on by management? How do you delegate and empower others? In this article we look at the use of Situational Leadership II in schools and how it compares with other forms of school “management” we sometimes come across! This is the first part of our “Positive Performance Management” series for Managing Schools Today magazine.

The Wasted Day” – a hard look at what passes for CPD and the questions we need to address when it comes to Performance Management, published in Managing School Today January/February 2008

Commanding Performance” – continuing the series published in Managing Schools Today March/April 2008

The Art of Effective Teamwork” – applying the framework of Situational Leadership II to the management of teams in the context of a school’s organisation. We show how the positive development of a team is possible through the flexible application of different leadership styles through each developmental stage. This article was published in Managing Schools Today May/June 2008

Partnering for Performance” – how we arrange to support team members (or get support ourselves from line managers) by creating a system of open communication for professional development. This is the last in the series on creating positive Performance Management by using the framework of Situational Leadership II. This article is published in Managing Schools Today July 2008

Discipline Policy and Behaviour Plans” – by Geoff Moss & John Bayley, originally published In Managing Schools Today In February 2006 to introduce their series on ‘Policy and Practice’.

Assertive Discipline Master Class – Key elements – this shows you the sections contained within the Master Class programme

The 3 Rs of Behaviour” – A summary of the Behaviour Three Rs with a Checklist for teachers to complete to assess whether they have really established the Conditions for Learning in their lessons.