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In June 2013 Geoff Moss presented a paper at the International Conference on Neuroplasticity and Brain Modification in Jerusalem, Israel on the subject of "The Social Mediation of Classroom Behaviour". The text of this paper can be found in our downloads section. 

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  Applied Assertive Discipline® Training programme

High quality teaching today involves a far wider range of learning behaviours in the classroom than ever in the past. This skill is needed by all teachers, not just those who are struggling with good order in their lessons. This one day training in the latest version of Assertive Discipline shows you how to assert your presence in the classroom and how to use the “Three Teaching Steps” to develop a positive learning environment. At the end of this course you will –
• identify the basic conditions for learning needed in lessons – “the Behaviour 3 Rs”
• understand how teachers may be reactive or proactive in asserting their presence
• review your behaviour planning for the classroom
• learn about the “Three Teaching Steps” for better behaviour in lessons
• leave the course with an action plan for managing your classes more effectively

 To enquire about our next training please telephone 0870 241 8262 or email

    • a complete powerpoint presentation with voice over by Geoff Moss
    • the full secondary or primary teacher video training programme presented by John Bayley
    • all with site licence for you to edit and present to suit and match your school needs 

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    Practical behaviour management resources - "THE THREE TEACHING STEPS" - the ultimate handbook for establishing the conditions for learning.  Contact us for details about ordering - telephone 0870 241 8262


    "Just what we need to help teachers deal with challenging behaviour. Every teacher should have this on their desk!" - Linda Park, Deputy Head Teacher, Motherwell

    You may see a preview of the handbook in powerpoint format by clicking on this link.


     Assertive School Leadership - Our programme of training for school leaders provides a robust framework for managing the diverse range of abilities and attitudes that any school staff may contain.

    We show you how to set clear goals within your School Improvement Plan and within each teacher's Continuing Professional Development programme.

    We then provide you with a method for working with individual staff members to diagnose their different development levels on those key goal.

    We explain how to accommodate a flexible range of leadership styles to meet these diverse needs.

    We show how to manage performance as a positive and constructive process rather than as a source of conflict and negativity. We look at your own personal resources, to maintain a positive attitude in the face of reluctance, equanimity in the face of volatility, and resolution in the face of hostility.  Positive assertive energy will be generated by an assertive mindset. That mindset is acquired as you understand and practise the skills of Assertive Leadership.

    Telephone (0870 241 8262) or email ( to arrange "within-house" training for your school leaders.

    Student Self-Leadership - We are accredited by the Blanchard organisation to train others in the Situational Leadership II programme. We have now been accredited to introduce the newly developed programme for students. This teaches them how to identify their own learning needs and how to seek help to develop their knowledge and skills in a positive way. Situational Self-Leadership for Students is a new and exciting approach to promoting independent learning in students, and we anticipate it will form a major part of our work in schools in the future. We are currently working with senior students from Brannock High and Calderhead High schools, North Lanarkshire on this programme.

    Give us a call or drop us an email if you wish to find out more about this venture.

    Self management for teachers? We provide training in Situational Leadership II to promote the self-reliant management skills of all staff. You can read about this leadership approach on-line here (click to link).