Behaviour and Learning Management

Behaviour & Learning Management has over 25 years’ experience in providing key training and supportive resources for schools’ professional development. During that time we have worked with thousands of secondary, primary and special schools, with their teachers, pupils and leadership teams. Our expertise is, for teachers, in the management of behaviour and learning, and, for school leaders, it is in the management of professional development and performance.

Based on our extensive experience and evidence-based research we have developed a broad range of public and in-house training courses and consultancy programmes to meet a diverse range of professional needs. Along with our training we offer a comprehensive suite of supportive resources, including DVDs, CDs, books and PowerPoint presentations.

We continue to be the sole authorised UK distributor of the Assertive Discipline and Succeeding with Difficult Students programmes, both now developed and adapted by us to meet the particular needs of UK schools.

Our areas of training specialism cover three main divisions:

Managing & Leading – working with senior leaders and middle managers (e.g. training in Situational Leadership II®)

Teaching & Learning – providing support for teachers in the management of behaviour (e.g. training in Assertive Discipline®) and in the management of learning (e.g. A Strategy for Differentiation®)

Personal Development – helping adults and students, in groups or individually, to develop coping strategies for the challenges of life and work, whether general in nature (e.g. Assertiveness training) or situationally specific (e.g. Exam Anxiety, Anger Management).